Chair of Creative Awards

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CHAIR OF CREATIVE AWARDS:  The Chair of Creative Awards shall provide a ballot box beside the racks where the Creative Trays are hung.  This Chair shall provide voting ballots to Registration and ensure ballots are provided to each show visitor. The Chair of Creative Awards shall collect and count the ballots after close of the show on Friday. Winners will be announced at the Awards Breakfast and ribbons placed on the winning trays.

Expanded duties and timelines for Chair of Creative Awards:

Spring Workshop:

 Make announcement promoting Creative Trays and encouraging entries; delegate if necessary.

(Ballot box and sign for Creative Awards will be stored with registration supplies.)


Ensure Registration has an adequate supply of ballots. Ballots are distributed as members and visitors sign-in at the Registration table.

Obtain 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons from the CHAIR OF CLERKS.

Place a small table or chair for the ballot box to the left of the rack on which the Creative Trays are hung.

Once all trays are hung, prepare a list of  entrant numbers (from the Tray Slips) and names that correspond with the entrant numbers (from the check-in desk master list).


Registration provides one ballot to each attendee and directs attendees to the trays and ballot box.

During showroom hours, make periodic announcements to remind attendees to vote.

As soon as the showroom closes, retrieve the ballot box and tally the results.

Prepare prize money envelopes for the winners; on the front, include the winner names and award amount.


Obtain award monies from the Treasurer, place in envelopes. (There may be multiple winners for 1st, 2nd or 3rd  place.)

Announce winners at the breakfast and distribute award monies.

When the showroom opens, staple the ribbons to the appropriate Tray Slips.