Chair of Clerks

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CHAIR OF CLERKS:  The CHAIR OF CLERKS shall prepare the judging Control Cards and distribute Tray Entry Forms and Tray Slips. This Chair shall receive trays prior to judging and ensure distribution of trays to proper owners after the show is closed.  This Chair verifies the Award Number and Entrant Number attributes on all trays. The CHAIR OF CLERKS shall attach ribbons to the winning trays on the Tray Slip. The CHAIR OF CLERKS shall prepare a list of judging results for the Summer Bulletin and prepare a list of the winners for the OSBS Treasurer indicating the awards won and monetary values of each award. The CHAIR OF CLERKS shall distribute the monetary awards to the winners.

The CHAIR OF CLERKS shall maintain a supply box containing:

  1. Plastic sleeves for rack Award Signs and Spacer Signs;
  2. Cardstock for printing award Control Cards;
  3. Kits for each judging team with pencils, erasers, Control Card sample, spot stickers for measles;
  4. Scissors, stapler, tape, pens, pencils, stapler remover;
  5. Spacer Signs;
  6. Paper supply with graphics for printing each Award Sign;
  7. Awards ribbons printed with “OSBS” for 1st (Blue), 2nd (Red) and 3rd (White)
  8. Prize money envelopes

Expanded duties and timelines for CHAIR OF CLERKS:


Prepare Control Cards for each award. (See OSBS Guide for Competitors for example.)

Print each Award Sign on 8 ½ x 11 paper for display on the racks.  Insert Award Signs and
Spacer Signs into plastic sleeves.

Thursday at show:

Solicit at least two volunteers for check-in and four additional volunteers.  Check-in volunteers must be available from 8:00 am until noon, and the others must be available from 1 pm until judging is finished.

Distribute Control Cards, Judging Sheets and Award Signs to showroom tables for each award.

Have available the Final Awards List, a list of members in good standing, the Tray Entry Forms, additional Tray Slips, prize money envelopes, and a money bag with change from the OSBS Treasurer for entry fees.


Clerk and volunteers should arrive by 7:30 am to set up two tray check-in tables outside the showroom.  Stock these tables with Tray Entry Forms, Tray Slips, tape, scissors, and pens. One table is for tray check-in, and the other is for tray revision or repair.  Tray check-in opens at 8:00 am.

Assign entrants their Entrant Number and write it on the Tray Entry Form and each Tray Slip.  Verify completeness of the Tray Entry Form and sign at the bottom.

Prepare a master list of entrants with Entrant Number, total entry count for the entrant, and award numbers. Prepare a prize money envelope for each entrant with the same information at this time.

The volunteers will accept fees and prepare receipts. On each receipt in the receipt book, list the entrant name, number of trays submitted, and fee paid.  One copy of the receipt is provided to the entrant.

Runners will place checked-in trays on showroom tables displaying the corresponding Control Cards and Judging Sheets for each award.

After check-in is complete and all entry monies are received, reconcile the monies with the receipt book and return monies to OSBS Treasurer with a slip of paper indicating the total amount received.

Process during judging:

Runners will bring the judged trays to the tables designated for the CHAIR OF CLERKS and volunteers in the back of the showroom.

Staple any ribbons earned to the Tray Slips.

Photographs of trays may be taken with written permission of the entrant as noted on the Tray Slip. (Do not forget the Educational Trays and Creative Trays.)

Runners transport trays to the racks to be secured with zip ties.

For all ribbon winners, notate their ranking and the amount of prize money won on each winner’s envelope; transfer this information to the master list of entrants. Provide completed envelopes to the OSBS Treasurer to be filled.

Optional: Write entrant number and description of measles received on a “Measles Collector Award” list.  This information may be used for an educational article on measles in the Bulletin.

When all trays are hung and secured, verify ribbons and placement on rack with the Control Cards.

The Control Cards are forwarded to the Co-CHAIR OF JUDGES for use during the Tray Discussion on Friday morning.

Place all Tray Entry Forms in the supply box for tray check-out on Saturday.


Tray Check–out (Saturday):

Alphabetize Tray Entry Forms by name for quick access.

Verify all trays with the entrants.  Mark with a colored marker the Entrant Number and tray description on both Tray Entry Form and Tray Slips.  Resolve any discrepancies.

Sign the bottom of the Tray Entry Form indicating trays were returned; the entrant will also sign indicating they received all trays.

After Show:Prepare a list of all awards, including total number of entries for each, and list of winners by name.  Send to the Editor by Memorial Day for publication in the Summer Bulletin.

Send photos of first place winning trays to the Editor.