Upcoming Awards: 2022

Most Recent Competition: 2021

Award 1: Div. IX Class 1-0 thru 15-5. Medium-Large. Materials assorted. No 18th century. Label materials. OSBS $20-12-8

Award 2: L. Div. IX Class 1-0 thru 15-5. Medium-Large. Materials assorted. Label materials No 18th century. Limited to those with less than five years competition experience. OSBS $20-12-8

Award 3:Div. IX Class 23-12. Matching pairs, unlisted. 12 pairs. Any size matching pairs comprised of two different NBS sizes. May be Medium-small, Medium-large, or Large-small. No balance required among sizes. Label Materials. OSBS $20-12-8

Award 4: Div. VI. 10 ANY. Ten of your favorite buttons, with a written explanation telling why each is a favorite. Joy Journeay. Button prize to each entrant.

View and print 2021 OSBS Judging Criteria (pdf) (word)

Tray Entry instructions

  • One photo per award.
    • Label your tray before photographing.
    • The expected file size is just under 3MB for each photo.
    • No additional text labeling (descriptions, explanations) shall be added, photoshopped or superimposed to the tray photo.
  • Email each photo separately to the OSBS Chair of Clerks (Mika)
    • The subject line of the email should be:
      “OSBS Award” + number + entrant’s name.
    • For example, the email subject line to attach the photo of the Award 1 tray should be: “OSBS Award 1 First Last”.
      • If you are entering all 4 awards, you will be sending 4 separate emails to Mika.
        • OSBS Award 1 First Last
        • OSBS Award 2 First Last
        • OSBS Award 3 First Last
        • OSBS Award 4 First Last
  • Please reach out to your friend to offer your photographing expertise.
    • When emailing your friends’ tray, BE SURE to put the entrant’s name on the email subject line.

Have fun carding your trays to be photographed by 4/15!

OSBS image sharing policy

  • Anonymity will be preserved for all competition entries.
    • A tray will be disqualified if its photo has been published elsewhere (online) prior to judging.
  • OSBS may opt to make all competition trays viewable by the public at some point unless explicitly declined by the entrant.
    • OSBS website will not attach entrant’s personal information to trays.

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