2022 COVID award Criteria

The deadline for the 2022 competition photo entry is JULY 21st, 2022.

We will be judging the special “Going Viral” award virtually this summer. The results announcement will be done at the August picnic on 8/27/2022. The award wording is:

Special “Going Viral” Award:
Div. IX Class 1-0 Thru 15-5. 25 Any

Assorted materials specialized to buttons related to germs, viruses, personal protective equipment, and what sheltering in place means to you. Emphasis is on buttons that look like germs, with one point extra for each button that represents a germ or virus—maximum 20 bonus points. Each button should have an explanation of meaning, if not obvious. One time bonus of 3 points if an actual picture of a germ (like rabies or COVID-19) is placed next to its button representation and identified. Disqualification for incorrect number of buttons only. All qualifying trays will be judged, no measles will be given. PBC and OCBC 20-14-6

2022 COVID award Criteria

We also accept entries in the Creative category:

Creative Entries. OSBS $15-10-5 (A person may enter more than one tray. Each tray must be assigned a different random number at check-in.)

Photographs of the creative trays will be posted on the OSBS website a few weeks prior to the August picnic and will be voted on by the membership for ribbons placement. Information on how the voting will take place with be forthcoming.

The following is important information for those wishing to enter the 2022 Virtual Awards competition.

 You must be a dues-current member of OSBS to enter.

Entries must be on standard 9×12 mounting cards. It is highly recommended that you label all materials on the “Going Viral” award to ensure credit since this is being judged by photographs. Additional labeling of back marks, decorative finish, OMEs (other material embellishments), or techniques (e.g. openwork, inlay/inset, etc.) will help to ensure credit.  Labels can be handwritten, or typed/computer-generated. If handwritten, please use print, not cursive writing, for best legibility. All labeling must be on the card with the buttons. Measles will be given only for incorrect number of buttons on the tray, or your name appearing anywhere on the tray.

Tray Entry by Email instructions
by JULY 21st, 2022

  • One photo per award.
    • Label your tray before photographing.
    • The expected file size is just under 3MB for each photo.
    • No additional text labeling (descriptions, explanations) shall be added, photoshopped, or superimposed on the tray photo.
  • Email each photo separately to the OSBS Chair of Clerks (Mika)
    • The subject line of the email should be:
      “OSBS Award” + number + entrant’s name.
    • For 2022, if you are entering both awards, send 2 separate emails to Mika.
      • “OSBS Covid Award First Last”
      • “OSBS Creative First Last”
    • If you are a good photographer, please reach out to your friend to offer your photography expertise.
    • When emailing your friends’ tray, BE SURE to put the entrant’s name on the email subject line.

Have fun carding your trays!

OSBS image sharing policy

  • Anonymity will be preserved for all competition entries.
    • A tray will be disqualified if its photo has been published elsewhere (online) prior to judging.
  • OSBS may opt to make all competition trays viewable by the public at some point unless explicitly declined by the entrant.
    • OSBS website will not attach entrant’s personal information to trays.

Here is some useful information compiled by Sally Filler with tips on best photography:

How to Photograph Your Buttons for Virtual Competition

Lightboxes and tripods are not necessary to get good pictures for competition.  You can get competition-worthy pictures by using your smartphone and things around the house:

Start by mounting your Buttons on the standard 9” by 12” card.   A light, plain background is easier for the judges to see your buttons and read your labels, so for this competition keep it simple, with no patterned paper. 

Be sure your card is not in a frame or plastic sleeve before photographing. Soft, diffuse natural light is best for taking your pictures, such as from a window or outside deck, and less likely to have reflections that distort or distract from details on your buttons.  Light is best early in the morning or late afternoon. Turn off your flash. If you need more light you can use reflectors like a white paper or tin foil to bounce light off of.  

Hold the phone still and photograph your tray straight on, looking down.

Once you take your picture you can fix your exposure with a few simple enhancements: 

Increasing contrast or adjusting brightness to lighten or darken your picture may help make the image and labeling clear.

Crop your picture. Your 9×12 card should fill the entire screen, with just a little space on the sides.

Many people have good results taking pictures from a scanner at home that transmits to their phone or computer.  Make sure the resolution is at least 300 dpi.  

 Looking forward to seeing you at the picnic on August 27th!

Peggy Lee Mathes & Ilse Christensen, Co-Chairs of Judging
Mika Jarmusz, Chair of Clerks

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