2021 Virtual Button Competition

Join Our Virtual Competition Adventure!

Hello Button Friends! We will be trying a new competition experiment for the virtual 2021 OSBS show. Review the list presented and note that most anyone could enter at least one of these awards. Be aware that awards 1 and 2 are written to the Medium-Large size. Refer to page 4 of the NBS 2019-2022 Blue Book for size requirements. Because judges will not be able take a button of questionable size and actually measure it from a photograph, please be sure to adhere to the balance rules. (No measles will be given for suspected incorrect size—you are on your honor!) Also, materials labeling is required for these virtual awards (but no measles given, for the same reason.)

Entry will be by photo or scan of your tray(s). Further details about the deadline and method for entry will be forthcoming. Judging criteria will be available on the OSBS website as usual.

We all have been in a “competition desert” due to show cancellations; this is a Covid-safe way to have fun with your buttons!

Peggy Lee Mathes, Chair of Judging and Classification

OSBS 2021 Virtual Awards List

  1. Div. IX Class 1-0 thru 15-5. Medium-Large. Materials assorted. No 18th century. Label materials. OSBS $20-12-8
  2. L. Div. IX Class 1-0 thru 15-5. Medium-Large. Materials assorted. Label materials No 18th century. Limited to those with less than five years competition experience. OSBS $20-12-8
  3. Div. IX Class 23-12. Matching pairs, unlisted. 12 pairs. Any size matching pairs comprised of two different NBS sizes. May be Medium-small, Medium-large, or Large-small. No balance required among sizes. Label Materials. OSBS $20-12-8
  4. Div. VI. 10 ANY. Ten of your favorite buttons, with a written explanation telling why each is a favorite. Joy Journeay. Button prize to each entrant.