OSBS was formed in 1948 and oversees several local clubs throughout the state of Oregon. The purpose of the Oregon State Button Society is to encourage the advancement of education about the history of buttons in trim and fashion, including their manufacture and use; and to promote the collection and preservation of buttons as cultural artifacts.

Membership in OSBS is $20 per year and members receive three educational bulletins per year and access to educational materials. 

OSBS hosts a button show and sales event every May. OSBS also hosts the annual picnic and two workshops throughout the year for state and local club members.

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Oregon State Button Society

Our Mission Statement: The Oregon State Button Society shall encourage research; publish articles; conduct public educational seminars, discussions and lectures; and encourage public displays in order to promote knowledge and archive information about these topics.
Oregon State Button Society
Oregon State Button Society20 hours ago
Do button collectors seek out these well over a hundred year old pearl and shell buttons? Usually we look for larger, more ornate beauties. But these small ones are treasures in themselves and are found in almost every old button tin. Lots of artful uses for them! And they have quite an American history if you care to read about the history of pearl and shell buttons of the 1800's and later.
Oregon State Button Society
Oregon State Button Society5 days ago
Time to start a new hobby! #buttoncollector #hobby #button
Oregon State Button Society
Oregon State Button Society1 week ago
Time to start a new hobby!
Oregon State Button Society
Oregon State Button Society4 months ago
The stories told, the memories made, Escape to the Past and share yours.
Oregon State Button Society Button Show and Portland Handweavers’ Guild Mannequin Project Thursdays through Mondays, 10 – 4:00 until February 20, at the Fiber Art Studio Gallery at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. #lincolncityoregon #lccc #historyofbuttons #fashion #funthingstodo